Meet Our Staff

Adam & Tanis Guiher

Owners and Founders

Adam and his family have been involved with all levels of animal care, park operations, park design, facility construction, and general management from the beginning. In 2012 Adam was elected by the board members of the Zoological Association of America (ZAA) as a professional member at the highest level. Since 2014, Adam has managed finance, special permitting, and development of the 144 acre Keystone Safari facility. Every building, road, exhibit, and fence post has been carefully designed, reviewed and laid out by Adam and the Keystone Safari Team. All major animal procedures and movements have been overseen by Adam and his family with help from Senior Staff Members and Park Veterinarians.



John oversees operations over Keystone Safari and Living Treasures Moraine. He is always on the move with construction projects and the care of our animals. He has been with the company for 14 years and has a real passion for what he does.


Head of Maintenance

Tom can often be found around the park making sure exhibits and facilities are operating at optimal performance. He is the father of Tanis Guiher making this truly a family owed and operated educational zoo.


Animal Care Manager

Cole is the Lead Animal Keeper here at Keystone Safari. Cole is very hands on with his work and isn't afraid to get dirty. Cole also oversees our other animal care staff. He is always dedicated to our animals and insures the best possible care.


Customer Service Manager

Josh is involved with many functions of the park such as zipline inspector, website manager, customer service, videography, photography, and social media specialist. You'll often see him around the park ensuring guest safety and generally making sure everyone is having a great time. If you see him don't be afraid to say hi!!


Lead Zookeeper

Hailey is one of the Lead Zookeepers at Keystone Safari. She attended the University of Pittsburgh, graduating with a degree in Biological Sciences. One of her favorite animals at Keystone are the Mandrills. If you ever see her around the park, feel free to stop  for some extra facts or answer any questions you may have!


Zipline Adventure Course Manager

Sara manages our High Ropes Adventure Course with ziplines. She is an avid outdoorswoman and adventure seeker. We have courses for both adults and children. Click here for more information!


Senior Zookeeper

Doug's dedication to our zoo, staff, and customers alike is unapparelled. Doug is involved with many levels of animal care and has a passion for horses. So much so that some of our staff call him 'The Horse Whisperer'. You'll often see Doug in our Drive-Thru Safari watching over the animals and making sure customers are having a memorable time!



Lacey is one of our animal care staff here at Keystone Safari. She attended the Vet Tech Institute in 2017 and graduated with a degree in Veterinary Technology. One of her favorite animals in the park are the Southern Ground Hornbills. In her free time, Lacey enjoys hiking, kayaking and traveling.