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Drive your own vehicle or sign up for a Safari Truck Tour! 

Safari Truck Tours are first come first serve sign-ups in the gift shop (must pay combo price).

Pre-booking only available for group reservations.


Welcome to our largest addition yet!

See over 100 animals of 25 species in our large open spaces at the Drive-Thru Safari. The Safari section is located just up the road from

Keystone Safari's walk-thru park.


Please do NOT feed or interact with the Zebra's. Any guest not following this rule will be escorted out of the park without refund. This rule is set in place to keep our guests and animals safe. 

Safari Truck 

-Our 1970s ex-military vehicles are outfitted with bull bars and undercarriage framing to protect our animals, and you!


-Our tour guides are not just drivers! They are well equipped and highly trained to handle any questions and any encounters with our wild animals. Education is important to us as it is to you - come prepared to learn about our animals from nose to tail!

-You will get up close and personal with over 100 wild animals on this hour long trek across 80 acres of Rolling Plains, Thick Forests and Deep Waters!


For your safety and to allow us to continue this amazing experience, we ask that you follow our rules listed here and given by the tour guides before embarking on each adventure!

Safari Truck Tour Rules

Remain seated while the truck is in motion

Do Not exit the safari truck while on tour

Do Not hang over the rail of the truck 

Hold on to all personal belongings. Tour guides cannot exit the truck to retrieve them right away

Only feed provided by keystone safari may be fed to the animals. Walk-thru feed Is not permitted in the drive-thru


Have fun and enjoy feeding our feathery and furry friends!

Safari Drive-Thru (Personal Car)

Gates close 45 minute before closing

Keystone Safari and it’s affiliates are not responsible for damages to any vehicle. Drivers assume all liability when entering the Drive-Thru section of the park.

Personal Vehicle Rules

Stay in the vehicle!

Only open your windows, no hatches or doors

No outside animals of any kind.

Walk-thru feed is not permitted in the drive-thru

No trailers, buses, RVs, convertibles or soft tops

Stay on the Safari Road at all times

Speed Limit 2 MPH. Keep the animals safe!

Please only pass at the designated passing zones

Jeeps Are Welcome!

We are excited to share the gravel road with our friends who have no roof

Enjoy our safari tour from the comfort of your Jeep

Rules For Jeeps

Must have Full Doors or Half Doors

*No Tube or Non-Metal Doors

Stay in the vehicle! Do not exit your vehicle or hang out of it

No outside animals of any kind

Stay on the Safari Road at all times

Speed Limit 2 MPH. Keep the animals safe

Animal List

Guanacos, Llamas, Miniature Donkeys, Highlander Cattle, Emu, Rhea, Nilgai, Pere David’s Deer, Blue Wildebeest, Scimitar-Horned Oryx, Fallow Deer, American Bison, Yak, Common Eland, Turkey, Grant's Zebra, Water Buffalo, Elk and more!

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