We are open for the Walk-Thru and Drive-Thru!!

See April hours under the PARK INFORMATION tab!

Drive-Thru closes 45 minutes before park closing hours everyday to allow enough time to finish. Please see "hours" for updated times.

Welcome to our newest and largest addition yet!

See over 100 animals of 25 species in our large open spaces at the new Safari Drive-Thru. The Safari section is located just up the road from Keystone Safari's walk-thru park. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here, cash at the gate, or with a debit/credit card at the gift shop. 

Safari Drive-Thru Rules

Stay in the vehicle! Do not exit your vehicle or hang out of it.

No outside animals of any kind.

No trailers, buses, RVs, convertibles or soft tops.

Stay on the Safari Road at all times.

Only Feed provided by Keystone Safari may be fed to the Animals.

Speed Limit 2 MPH. Keep the animals safe!

Keystone Safari and it’s affiliates are not responsible for damages to any vehicle. Drivers assume all liability when entering the Drive-Thru section of the park.

See over 100 animals of 25 species in our large open spaces at the new Keystone Safari Drive-Thru.

Animal List

Guanacos, Donkeys, Ponies, Highlander Cattle, Emu, Rhea, Gayal, Waterbuck, Blackbuck, Nilgai, Pere David’s Deer, Fallow Deer, Bison, Yak, Gyr, Eland, Turkeys, Zebras, Elk and more!