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Groups of 20+ qualify for discounted group admission rates. Qualifying nonprofit groups do not need a minimum number to be eligible for the rate. Advanced scheduling is always required.


Group rates are available for any group with 20 or more people ages 3 and up.

Qualifying nonprofit groups do not need a minimum number of people to be eligible for the rate.

Group rates do not apply to special events.

Advanced scheduling is required for the group rate.


Group rate prices are the same for everyone ages three and up.

* Children who are two and under have free admission. *



* When not reserved, the pavilion is open for public use during park operating hours. *

Our canvas sides and infrared heaters ensure that visits can be enjoyed even in cool or wet weather.

  • Advanced scheduling is required to be eligible for the group rate. A completed and signed contract will need to be returned to the park to officially reserve your visit. Groups that arrive without making an advanced reservation may be charged regular admission rates. We recommend that you contact the park with as much advanced notice as possible as the calendar fills very quickly.

  • Payment is due the day of your visit, and is required before entering the park. If one person is paying for the entire group, they should arrive first to avoid other members of their group waiting to enter the park. Paying as a group is required in June, July, and August as well as any time before a 4:00 p.m. arrival time on weekends. One group payment is always recommended. Groups who submit their payment info upon booking will receive 5% off total cost.

  • Due to federal animal safety laws, only feed provided by Keystone Safari may enter the park to be fed to the animals. Any member of a group visit found with outside feed causes the entire group to be immediately removed from the park without refund. ALL GROUP COORDINATORS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR RELAYING THIS MESSAGE TO ALL MEMBERS ATTENDING THE GROUP VISIT.

  • We understand that weather is a concern for a group visit. Our cancellation policy is flexible. To cancel your visit, call and speak to the Office Manager or Gift Shop Attendant

  • Groups are scheduled based on arrival time. To avoid long entrance lines to get into the park, please arrive as scheduled. If you enter the park early, the group will be charged the full admission rate.

  • Groups that wish to have each person pay admission or purchase food separately will still receive the group rate, but they will need to wait in the general admission line with all other park visitors.

  • Any prices quoted may be adjusted in the future. Once reserved and on our calendar for the season, your group price will be locked in.

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