1. Gift Shop                                                 12. Mining Sluice

2. Swan Pond Pavilion                        13. Macaws

3. Butterfly House                                 14. Bounce Houses/Pavilion

4. Striped Skunk                                     15. Zipline Harness Shop     

5. Swan Pond                                                    A. Beginner Course

6. Dromedary Camels                                 B. Moderate Course

7. Animatronic  Pandas                       16. Bacterium Camels

8. Bat-Eared Foxes                                17.

9. Crowned Cranes                                18.

10. Goat Pen                                              19.

11. Reindeer Barn                                   20. Prehistoric Dinosaurs

                                                                          21. Future Expansion Area


22. Zebras                                                33. Barn Owl

23.                                                                34. Barnyard Animals

24.                                                               35.  Kune Kune Pigs

25. Mandrills                                          36. Pony Rides

26. Colobus Monkeys                       37.  Black Bears

27. Addax                                                 38. Spotted Hyena

28. Giraffes (Outside)                       39. Ring Tailed Lemur  

29. Giraffe Barn (Inside)                 40. Black Swans

30. Turtles                                              41. Ostriches

31. Ravens                                              42. Macaws

32. Chickens                                           43. Aldabra Tortoises

                                                                      44. Barbary Lions*

Map with numbers.PNG

Butterfly Garden


A fan favorite place to come and enjoy a variety of butterflies. One might say this is



Bat-Eared Fox


The bat-eared fox is a species of fox found on the African savanna. They often hunt in groups, pairing off in smaller groups while remaining in the same area. These foxes are considered to be highly social. Stop by and say "hi" to our very own Bat-Eared Foxes Sam and Dean!


Scientific name: Otocyon megalotis

Weight: 9 lbs

Conservation status: Least Concern

Length: 1.8 ft. (Adult)

Height: 12 to 16 inches tall


Aldabra Tortoise


The Aldabra Tortoise is the second largest species of Tortoises on the planet. They have an enormous dome-shaped shell which acts as protective armor, and an incredibly long neck to tear leaves from branches.


Scientific Name: Geochelone gigantea

Weight: 330-800lbs

Gestation: Temperature dependent: In warm weather, eggs hatch in 110 days. In colder weather, about 250 days.

Number of Young: Typically 4-14 eggs

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Distribution: The island of Aldabra and surrounding islands in Southeast Africa.


The Barbary Lion


Barbary Lions are the largest lion sub-species. A male's mane extends down the middle of the back. The tips of their ears are also black.


Scientific Name: Panthera leo leo

Weight: Males 400-600 lbs.

Females 250-400 lbs.

Gestation: 110 Days

Number of Young: 1-6

Conservation Status: Extinct in the wild.

Distribution: Native to the Atlas Mountains in Northern Africa.